Criminal Defense Law Firm Van Nuys

Los Angeles defense attorney Daniel Perlman brings a broad range of experience to his practice on behalf of people charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes. He has performed volunteer work in prisons and has worked with the prosecution. His ability to find creative solutions for people facing criminal problems is a key to our firm’s success and our client’s well-being.

As well as representing people throughout Greater Los Angeles on serious criminal charges, Daniel Perlman also appears regularly on television and radio as a legal commentator for E! Entertainment Television, Radio and, as well as regular appearances on Hollywood 411 for TV Guide Channel. While his insights into the legal problems of celebrities can be informative and entertaining, his first commitment is to his own clients and their real-world risks.

To learn more about Daniel Perlman’s experience and credentials, see his profile below.

To contact the Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman, call (818) 639-4001.

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