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Published on September 20th, 2013 | by Daniel Perlman


Lakeview passengers accused of hijacking taxi to avoid paying fare

A man and woman from Lakeview were arrested Sunday night after attacking a cab driver and hijacking his taxi, county prosecutors said.

Brian Mosansky, 23, and Sarah Solma, 22, both of the 4000 block of North Ashland Avenue, took a taxi from 15 W. Hubbard St. to their Lakeview home just before midnight Sunday, and then refused to pay the $21 cab fare, prosecutors said.

When the driver pulled up to the corner of Ashland Avenue and Irving Park Road, the police report said, Solma jumped out of the cab and began moving west. Mosansky remained in the cab’s back seat, the report said, and “appeared to be removing money from his pants pocket,” but then fled the cab after Solma.

The cab driver, a man from Rogers Park, made a U-turn, parked his cab, and followed the duo to a nearby Popeye’s Chicken parking lot, the police report said. He yelled at them to pay him for the ride, and Mosansky allegedly responded by punching the man and placing him in a headlock.

Solma tried to hit the victim in the head with her purse, the report said, but the victim was able to grab the purse from her hand before it struck him. She also tried to take his keys from his belt loop, the report said, but wasn’t able to.

The cab was equipped with a “smart key,” which allowed Solma to enter the cab and drive away with it anyway, according to the report.

Police officers arrived on the scene and arrested Mosansky, the report said; they waited until Solma returned and then arrested her as well. Both alleged offenders told police they had been drinking before the incident, the report said.

Solma and Mosansky were brought to the Cook County Criminal Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon and were each ordered held on $25,000 bonds. Both were charged with aggravated battery to a taxi driver, and Solma was also charged with vehicular hijacking.

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Source: “Lakeview passengers accused of hijacking taxi to avoid paying fare,” September 20, 2013.

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